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Mr. D P Sharma, an expert in Gems Manufacturing, laid the foundation of Aachi Facets in 1977. Under his supervision and leadership, Aachi Facets has achieved the pinnacle in Gems Manufacturing industry. There are 10 to 12 permanent workers working in his workshop, who has been trained by Mr. D P Sharma himself.

It's because of his 40-years' of hard work, knowledge, craftsmanship, information about "Kharad", and his amazing expertise; that today Jaipur's renowned firms are getting their gems re-cut and re-polished from Aachi Facets. Above all, Aachi Factes has been successfully enhancing the overall value and aesthetics of these precious stones.

Jewellers in this industry look forward to get associated and work with Aachi Facets, because Mr. D P Sharma has proven experience in all processes of converting "Rough(Khad)" to "Unfinished stones termed as Ghaat" and finally into facated stones.

His son, Mr. Nakul Gaur, who has Graduate Diamonds(GD)course from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is working hand-in-hand with Mr. Sharma in further expanding their business to foreign boundaries.

Our other sister concern firm - "Nidhi Gems" deals in trading of precious stones.

Prominent features of Aachi Facets

  • Gems Manufacturing by highly-skilled workers.
  • World class technology, high quality Indian/ foreign chemical compounds and Oxides are used in the process of Gems Manufacturing.
  • We undertake work from Jaipur's renowned jewellers to exceed their expectations while ensuring trust, honesty, and responsibility at all times.
  • During the overall process, we ensure     minimum "weigth-loss" and timely delivery of the precious stones. At the same time we enhance the brightness, beauty     and overall aesthetics of these stones.
  • We always strive to uphold our reputation and trust among the clients.
  • The "Joben" that is used in the polishing process is manufactured in-house by us only. We have installed Air Conditioning (AC) in the workshop for our workers.
        It provides a dust-proof atmosphere in the workshop so that the external environment and pollution doesn't affect the precious stones.
  • We can amplify the overall value of these precious stones by around 20-25 percent.

Years of Experience

6000+ crt

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Faceting is not just a cutting style. The purpose of faceting is to bring out the brilliance of a gem.
Polishing gives a natural appearence with a high gloss n sheen. Have a scratched, cracked or poorly cut gemstone?
If you have a stone and believe it may be worth salvaging, We may be able to transform it into an
object of beauty and value with some professional care and attention.


Purpose of cutting is to bring out the brilliance of gem. Cutting plays a vital role in bringing shine to a gem because light entering the stone is reflected off the bottom facets and returned to the viewer and gives an appearence of a shining gem.


Provides natural appearence with beauty and gloss. Polished stone never requires stripping,It is done periodically, not daily or weekly. It may be required if last one was done before a long period or if stones are getting ruf.


Re-cutting service is done when, you have irregular or wavy cuts or contain visible polishing marks, Weren't polished well the first time or feature a fish-eye or other dark, lifeless spots, are chipped or scratched from wear or lack brilliance due to poor cutting.

We specialize in the following shapes:





Baguette   Baton/Tulani   Kutli

Navette/Tulani Che Baans



Key Stone/Chatush-Kon



Cut-Cornered Triangle/Singhara

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We are in industry since 1977, our motive is not only production, we ensure quality work. We own a nature-friendly workshop. Staying close to nature, increases our work efficiency, which results in delivering the best possible product to our customer's.

Our workshop is located at a green surroundings, just half km far from Railway Station, Jaipur.

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Address: F-11, Bharat Palace,
M.S.B. Ka Rasta, IInd Crossing,
Johri Bazar, Jaipur, 302003
Contact: +91.911.911.2775